Travel in the Anthropocene: what future for aviation?

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📢 Join us for a discussion on the future of travel and aviation in the Anthropocene!
🤝 We’re bringing together academics, activists, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for a deep dive into the aviation industry in the face of climate change.
✈️ Over the recent years, aviation, as one of the most carbon-intensive modes of transport, has garnered significant attention. From the Swedish « flygskam » (flight-shaming) movement to the global #MakeThemPay campaign, we’ve seen growing pressure on this sector. In Europe, citizens’ assemblies have called upon a decarbonisation of aviation, together with the use of a fair polluters-pay system and the bans of private jets and helicopters. It’s clear that change is needed and momentum is building.
🌍 In the Anthropocene, where human activities are profoundly affecting our environment, biodiversity and climate, the urgency to address the climate crisis is undeniable. Aviation, as a major contributor to climate change, is in the spotlight. Indeed, despite its unparalleled climate impact, the sector remains underreported and most importantly, under regulated.
🔍 Key questions to explore:
How can the aviation industry reduce its environmental impact?
Can sustainable alternatives be developed for air travel?
What are the implications of banning private jets?
Is the aviation industry’s focus on sustainable fuels genuine or just « greenwashing »?
Full agenda & speakers’ list to come.
🎓 This event will provide a space for all citizens, academics, NGOs, and grassroots perspectives to come together and engage in meaningful discussions on aviation and creative exercises to imagine alternatives futures.
📣 Spread the word, invite your colleagues and friends, and let’s make a meaningful impact together! RSVP now, here:….
🗓️ Date: Monday, 14 November 2023
🕒 Time: 18:00-20:30 pm.
📍 Location: La Turbean, Avenue Paul Héger 22, Bruxelles (ULB Solbosch campus). Public transport: closest bus and tram stop is ULB (bus 71, trams 8 and 25)
👥 Language: English with live translation in from French/English (for Q&A)
🍽️ Food: we will be offering free sandwiches at the end of the event!