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Fiona Harvey

septembre 2023

Techniques such as solar radiation management may have unintended consequences, scientists say
Study highlights conflict between Washington’s claims of climate leadership and its fossil fuel growth plans

juin 2023

Countries in debt distress thrown financial lifeline but critics say measures fall short of what is needed
Taxing world’s wealthiest people could help poorer countries shift economies to low-carbon and recover from climate damage

mai 2023

Fourth year in a row in which number of people facing food crises increased substantially

avril 2023

Un rapport de référence appelle à une révision de la gestion mondiale des ressources en eau et de son gaspillage. Source : The Guardian, Fiona HarveyTraduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises Le m…
Campaigners say Rosebank, with a potential yield of 500m barrels, would seriously undermine legal commitment to net zero

mars 2023

IPCC report says only swift and drastic action can avert irrevocable damage to world

janvier 2023

Carbon offsets can help achieve emissions goals, some experts argue, while others say they are actively dangerous
Carbon credits and offsets do not have a great record but the funds they raise are a vital part in fight against deforestation
Group says forcing polluters to store carbon dioxide underground is needed to help world reach net zero
People in developing countries are feeling increasingly angry and “victimised” by the climate crisis, the US climate envoy John Kerry has warned, and rich countries must respond urgently. “I’ve been chronicling the increased frustration and anger of island states and vulnerable countries and small African nations and others around the world that feel victimised by the fact that they are a minuscule component of emissions,” he said. “And yet [they are] paying a very high price. Seventeen of the 20 most affected countries in the world, by the climate crisis, are in Africa, and yet 48 sub-Saharan countries total 0.55% of all emissions.”

décembre 2022

More than two decades on from the protocol, country shows enthusiasm for nuclear restarts over renewables

novembre 2022

Rich countries must urgently develop a plan to assist countries suffering the ravages of extreme weather, as failure to take early action on the climate crisis has left them increasingly vulnerable, developing nations have said. The V20 – made up of the 20 vulnerable countries facing the worst impacts of the climate crisis, and least able to cope with them – set out its proposals on Monday for how rich countries should pay for the “loss and damage” caused by the climate crisis.
António Guterres is heading to Cop27 for what is likely to be another blistering attack on complacency and foot-dragging
António Guterres says gap between developed world and poorer countries is biggest issue facing Cop27 talks

octobre 2022

Denmark ‘gets ball rolling’ at UN ahead of protests as poor nations call for greater collective commitment. Youth groups in Africa are preparing to embark on a series of climate demonstrations on Friday to highlight the problem of “loss and damage” to poor countries blighted by climate breakdown, as only one rich country has so far stepped up with funding for the problem.

septembre 2022

Governments and businesses failing to change fast enough, says United in Science report, as weather gets increasingly extreme. Despite intensifying warnings in recent years, governments and businesses have not been changing fast enough, according to the United in Science report published on Tuesday. The consequences are already being seen in increasingly extreme weather around the world, and we are in danger of provoking “tipping points” in the climate system that will mean more rapid and in some cases irreversible shifts.

juillet 2022

Europe is in danger of highly damaging “very, very strong conflict and strife” this winter over high energy prices, and should make short-term return to fossil fuels to head off the threat of civil unrest, the vice-president of the European Commission has warned. Frans Timmermans, the second most senior official in the EU, said the threat of unrest this winter, a deliberate outcome of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, must take precedence over the climate crisis.

juin 2022

In March, the north and south poles had record temperatures. In May in Delhi, it hit 49C. Last week in Madrid, 40C. Experts say the worst effects of the climate emergency cannot be avoided if emissions continue to rise

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